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Jonas Arnklint


  • I’m a web software developer
  • Data driven, analytics guy
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Former podcast host


I’m the CTO and Co Founder of Beatly. Beatly creates awareness of products through influencers in social media.

Some of the most successful marketing campaigns has been done through Influencer Marketing, which is the core of Beatly. We connect brands with influencers in social channels and measure the outcome.

My biggest responsibilities in the role of CTO is product development, building the tech team and making sure the product is aligned with what the customers need.

I’ve previously been running

  • RevRise, which companies increase their conversion rate through tools and advice.
  • Push Forward - built web apps in the constellation of a small consultancy.
  • Fyrklöver Webbyrå - my first endeavor business wise, where I built and sold a Content Management System

Previous Projects

  • Creating RevRise and RevRise Form Analytics. RevRise aimed at removing all friction for users when interacting with software. It tracked user errors in the most important parts of websites (and potentially any digital user interface), which is the forms. Checkouts, order forms and signup forms play a huge part of the user experience. And still big websites and apps miss out on user related errors that is not detected. Technology wise, this was a huge challange since we needed to
    1. Detect problems in web clients (browsers are open and really diverse environments). All kinds of crazy problems occured, getting listed as a virus being one of them. Really good experiences though.
    2. Make sure data got aggregated in a stable way.
    3. Enable high load time series data aggregation in a stable way.
  • Planning, building and maintaining a complete e-commerce system (backend and frontend) including CRM, Invoicing and product catalouge features for During four years my responsibilities included everything from planning, prioritizing, implementing and maintaining and its digital assets. Basically tailoring the backend to scale more easily and align their process with the system and not the other way around, while focusing on improving the end customer experience. Some of the key components of my work were:
    • Advanced search using Elasticsearch. One quick search and one advanced mode where you can filter by colour and price.
    • Integration with third party API’s such as Fortnox
    • Implementation of behaviour based e-mail campaign system
    • Optimising customer experience and the order process, increasing conversions by 67%
    • Making sure this business critical system achieved great speed, performance and uptime
  • - the inline CSS editor, making it easy to tweak your websites looks and persist the changes. It consists of a Chrome browser extension and solved me and Mathias’ issue with the ability to persist quick CSS fixes.
  • Webbradion - the podcast for web developers and web designers, where I co produced over 80 episodes averaging 45 min interviewing great entrepreneurs and people somehow connected to the web. It produced over 110 000+ downloads which is a big deal for such a niche podcast in swedish. Subscribe or listen to it straight away.
  • User Interface design for Fortnox / Fortnox International
  • UI prototype for Fortnox mobile version
  • Marketing platform for Betsafe
  • Product catalouge for furniture producer Stolab
  • Public product catalouge for bike producer Skeppshult
  • Internal search and presence search for the swedish employment service (Arbetsförmedlingen)
  • 80+ podcast episodes interviewing startups and entrepreneurs
  • Codepond - social coding. A platform to store, refine, share and discuss code snippets. Similar to Github and Github Gist.
  • Built, maintained and sold three different types of Content Management Systems as Saas applications.
  • Series of interviews with successfull entrepreneurs for InfoTech Umeå (example)
  • Ran the first swedish blog competition, with over 4000 participants - Årets Blogg 2006. Also the first (and so far only) time I really got to experience a growth curve looking like a hockey stick. This opened up for newspapers doing the same concept.
  • Ran a popular and really active web community called, consisting of programming tutorials, games and listed jokes (2001-2004). It had forums, chat and other at that time really cool stuff built in.

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